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Aspects of therapy

  • Grounding: helping you stay connected to the present moment to regulate emotions and prevent panic

  • Processing: release stress stored in the body, adapt to situations that caused stress and relate to yourself and others in a healthier way

  • Education: helping you understand how the brain and body works and how trauma disrupts our nervous system and brain functions to feel empowered

  • Social ability: improve social skills, boundaries with others and ask for what you need to create healthier relationships

  • EMDR:  specialized treatment for PTSD (or trauma at the core) to unlock the brain from the past, broaden experience and shift to positive; adaptive beliefs

Rate and insurance covered

  • Out-of-pocket cost is $120 (sliding scale available)

  • Medicare

  • Medi-Cal Anthem (only)

  • United Health Care (including Optum and others)

  • Claremont EAP

  • Out-of-network coverage available through "superbill" in which you can be reimbursed for a portion of your session cost. Call your insurance for details.


  • Weekly or bi-weekly scheduling for       therapy available

  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker #89984. Provided outpatient therapy, group therapy (Mindful Walking, Self-esteem Workshop, Art Therapy), case management and coordinated care with medical staff.

  • Trained by Humanitarian Assistance Project to provide EMDR including 10 hours of supervision and effectively implemented with over 25 clients

  • Therapy provided to hundreds of individuals with mental health disorders including Post-Traumatic Stress (PTSD), Bipolar, Major Depression, Generalized Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive, Attention Deficit and Substance Use Disorder

  • Workshops/training for PTSD by renowned expert on trauma - Bessel van der Kolk. 

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